A sweet, wholesome, and fun romance…our matchingmaking ghost is at it again in TURNING UP ROSES (book 2) of the Crestfield Inn series. Special Birthday Bonus: book 1, TURNING BACK TIME is on sale for .99 cents in Amazon for a limited time only! Grab a copy today as the sale ends 8/24/21.




She needed to win the Artisan Perfumer contest. He needed a new signature fragrance to save his family business. But when the resident ghost of Crestfield Inn gets involved, not to mention some questionable behind-the-scenes dealings, will either one of them find a happy ending?

Angela was lost after her grandmother mentor passed away. And the betrayal by a boyfriend who stole her perfume formula and made it his own, officially ended her career in the exclusive world of perfuming. After years of perfecting her own signature fragrance, she’s ready to enter the Jaranda Artisan Perfumer contest. To make a comeback in the industry, she’s got to win the competition. To do that, she’ll have to compete against forty-nine other talented perfumers from around the world, one of whom turns out to be her ex-boyfriend.

Grant Edwards is the owner of the Jaranda Perfume Company, but also the secret client in the contest. He fully expects top-notch results and it’s all business. But what he didn’t count on was the beautiful contestant who makes him laugh, or the resident matchmaking ghost getting involved.

Emotions are running high as the finalists are named. Will true love win? Or is history doomed to repeat itself?

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And here’s the scoop on TURNING BACK TIME (book 1)

She’s a novelist intent on unraveling the past. He’s a history teacher knee-deep in his family tree project. But when the resident matchmaking ghost of Crestfield Inn gets involved, will their research turn up a happing ending?

All Sarah’s life, stories had been told—handed down from generation to generation. Captain Tremont had gone to his watery grave committing a crime—bootlegging. But a note discovered in her grandmother’s trunk addressed to her great-grandfather six times removed, leads Sarah to believe there is another explanation. Intent on discovering the truth, her plan has the added bonus of providing material for her next novel and she travels to Cedar Grove, Vermont for answers.

Blake loves history. His quest to fill in the missing links of his family tree has him back in the early 1800’s. When he discovers Sarah researching the same time period, he offers to team up and she accepts—strictly business of course.

But as they wind their way through history, it would seem there are some strange things happening when the resident matchmaking ghost gets involved. The question is, will the very truth they seek unite or destroy their chance at happiness?

Get a copy now to find out how history unfolds, because sometimes love needs a helping hand. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08FLQMVGP


And just to let you know what’s in store for one lucky couple and our matchmaking ghosts in book 3…TURNING DOWN PIE (available for pre-order and releases December 14th, 2021)


Our favorite matchmaking ghosts are ready for more fun and shenanigans…


A professional skier needs privacy and time to rehab after her non-ski related injury takes her off the circuit. A military man whose whole life has been the Army is honorably discharged and trying to figure out where his next adventure will take him.

Two totally different people in their approach to life, but when our resident matchmaking ghosts at the Crestfield Inn get involved, there’s more than strawberry-rhubarb pie on the menu.

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