Digging the Driver is releasing with Sweet Promise Press on July 19! It’s part of the upcoming Celebrity Corgi Romances. If you love adorable dogs, this is sure to be a great series for you. To my loyal fans and readers, thanks for your support. This year is going to get busy…and it all starts with this release! Digging the Driver Cover

When a dognapping ring hits the Charlotte, NC area, Lissa wants protection for Bella, her sweet and loveable Corgi. Between racing, photo shoots, and meetings, she can’t be with her baby all the time. She hires a security agent to protect Bella, never expecting the doggy guard would come in the form of Damien Trent, the high school boy she once loved. The same guy who broke her heart. For Bella’s sake, she’ll put up with him, but only until he can be replaced or the dognappers caught.

Stay tuned for more information on Defending Dakota – A Gold Coast Retriever story, Love & Order, Love & Family, and Love & Peace – 3 great stories in the Holidays in Hallbrook series. All four stories will release soon!