The Return of a Cowboy

The Return of a Cowboy

He’s an attorney and a single father with no job. She’s a kindergarten teacher with a heart the size of Texas. When her offer of help steps on his dusty boots, will he find a way to accept or will he struggle through the changes on his own? 

After Perry’s wife leaves for greener pastures and his law firm closes their doors, there’s only one logical choice him to make – return to Crossroads Creeks and the run-down family ranch he inherited years ago. His parenting skills need as much work as the homestead, but one thing he does have, is time on his hands to figure it out.

Leslie has a soft spot for children she sees as troubled and who might need extra attention, something she recognizes all too well from her own childhood. As a kindergartner teacher and a Sunday school teacher in a small town, she gets plenty of opportunities to make a difference. And when Toby, the new little boy in her class, struggles to fit in…it’s Leslie to the rescue.

Except Perry’s not keen on her interference. Emotions are running high as they struggle through friendship and faith, trying to remain focused on what’s important…his son. Can they muddle their way through the struggles of life and parenting to realize the greatest gift is theirs for the taking…the gift of love?

The Return of a Cowboy is the uplifting third book in the Crossroads Creek Cowboy romance series. If you like special inspirational romance and wholesome relationships, you’ll adore this emotional story of love…happily-ever-after style.

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